TENA Pants Normal

TENA Pants Normal are soft and comfortable incontinence pants with unisex design and moisture-reducing technologies to ensure high levels of absorbency, leakage security and odour control. With a pull-up fit just like underwear, TENA Pants ProSkin are ideal for mobile and semi-mobile people. These pants are made of textile like, breathable materials with a highly absorbent core for protection against moderate to heavy incontinence levels. With FeelDry Advanced™ liquid quickly and effectively draws away from the surface and the super absorbent core locks in liquid to help maintain natural skin health. With anti-leakage barriers for extra protection and Odour Neutralizer for discretion these disposable incontinence pants encourage an active life.

TENA ProSkin Pants come in a wide range of absorbencies and sizes.

  • Triple Protection for Skin Health
  • FeelDry Advanced™
  • Stretch materials for best fit


Small £15.00 (pack of 15)

Medium £18.00 (pack of 18)

Large £18.00 (pack of 18)

XL £15.00 (pack of 15)

TENA Pants Normal

TENA Pants Normal